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If you are constantly on the road and do not have a fixed office location then Hotdesking would be the recommended solution. We at AJBC welcome all mobile workers to walk in and use an available desk of their choice at £35 for 4 hours (Half a day) or £50 for 7.5 hours (Full day).

A telephone number will be allocated to you (if available) for your time at one of our newly renovated branches. Below is a list of branches and some useful information:

Ascot branch

  • Up to 25 parking spaces available
  • Post office located adjacent to centre
  • Kitchen facilities available
  • Contact us today on 01344 87 60 70

Wembley branch

  • Plenty of parking available on a first come first served basis.
  • Fitness gym located nearby
  • Vending facilities available
  • Contact us today on 020 8733 8200

Hotdesking available at all AJBC business centres between 9am and 5:30pm. Other times are bookable on request.

Payment is required in advance prior to using any hotdesk.